Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leroy Gibbons inna Tom Cruise Movie

Leroy Gibbons performs his hit tune "This Magic Moment" (Jammy's 1987) in the Tom Cruise Movie "Cocktail." Dubplate re-cut soon drop :)

BEBO's Music

Once in a while this blog will be updated with interesting and delightful posts regarding 80s reggae music.

Today, we spotlight the great Bebo's label out of Maryland, USA. Many great tunes were released on this label throughout the 80s. A majority of those tunes were released in 1983-1985 by the biggest names in the industry including Michael Palmer, Clarence Parks, Little John and others. Below are some notable releases:

Michael Palmer - Miserable Woman (Bebo's Music 12")

Clarence Parks - Don't Shoot Gunman (Dynamite 7", Bebo International 10")

Coola Merry - Go Roung (Dynamite Compilation)