Thursday, December 30, 2010

Totally Impossible

Cynthia Schloss tune on the same bassline as Mikey Melody - Soldier Inna Town (Dennis Star 12"), Knight Rider Bad Boy Wadat (Witty 12") & Ninjaman - Don't Beat The Amber (Super Star, Witty LP):

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Living In The Ghetto Isn't Happiness

Next cut is

Leroy Brown - Happiness,from his "Face To Face" (Rhythm Gits) LP. Several other tunes on the LP with some early 80s Jammy's Riddims.

Life Hard A Yard, So Give Love & Be Original

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all

Christmas inspired digital reggae tunes:

Michael Matthews - Style & Patton

and Scooby Doo - Christmas Time (Hot Stuff 12", US Press):

Break Down The Barrier Militant Youth

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Youthman Vision

This Patrick Andy tune is on the following LP:

Full Jammy's Dubplates, Madoo, Conroy Smith...

Big tune..similar riddim to Super Barry - Don't Distress It (Firehouse) & Hopeton Jnr - Hard Fe Get (Ujama)

Next cut to Cocoa Tea - Children Of Ghetto & Tonto Irie - Murder Committ

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Render Your Heart, But Not Your Garment

Nice, undercover Tony Tuff tune

Track #5..Nice tune, tonight/got to make it riddim.

Also, a Lee Van Cliff tune on the same riddim, "Rasta Rendition"

We Are Jah Jah Children.............

Trevor Junior - I & I Time and Clarence Parks - Things A Come Up To Bump also on the same riddim. Considered the same riddim as Lloyd Parks - Slaving. Both have a similar bassline but the bassline in the "I & I Time" version is more prominent.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gone With The Restless Wind

Very nice LP cut from the "Dynamic Duo" 1986 LP. Cover looks like it was inspired by "Saved By The Bell" or

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Raindrops falling during the Midnight Rock

Similar (or same?) riddim as "Police In Helicopter"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Explosive Like Di Gunpowder......

Other tunes on this riddim are Just A Work by Thriller U & So Long by Trevor Levy. The following is also on a similar riddim. This is one cool tune about a dude touring the world and reporting his encounters. "Go a Japan and learn the ninja.....Inna Japan mi haffi really wonder, some youth over deh must be genious or wha...youth deh a 10 and a build radio.." He also tours New Delhi & Calcutta in India and is introduced to crickerters Sunil Gaveskhar and Kapil Dev. "One thing mi learn about India is dem love eat rice and pepper." He also makes a diplomatic visit to England meet with Ms. Thatcher "to sit down and reason about South Africa."


Thursday, December 9, 2010

No Time To Waste, So Move On Woman

Another fresh Jammy's riddim:

Frankie Paul - Survival (off the cassanova LP, track 7). This one is my favorite.

Home T - Got No Time To Waste (track 4)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Diamonds & Thrills

Sick digital tune by Melody Beecher on Nura 7"

Killer bad girl digital tune. One guy giving her diamonds and the other giving her thrills. "He gives me diamonds, you give me give me what I need, he pays the bills." Killer Riddim, Killer lyrics = top notch digital tune.


Also, check M. Beecher on a fresh digital lick of skylarking, track #5, Be somebody.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Duppy Come Again

Very similar bass line on these two

Jah Love

If you like the "Tonos Dub Mix", then you will like this:

Very similar but not the exact same riddim.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jammy's One A Way Riddims

If you have been following this blog for the past 6-7 months, you will see that I have huge appreciation for 80's Jammy's digital tunes. The Jammy's digital sound of the the mid to late 80s withstood the test of time and is still sounds fresh to this day. "Sleng Teng" is great and fully deserves the acclaim it gets. However, some of the lesser known Jammy's digital productions that deserve some light of day are:

Frankie Paul - Peel Off A Mask (mass , money) - An advanced and layered riddim that is not reliant on a bassline. A totally unpredictable riddim. I believe that this is the only released tune on this riddim. There is another one but it's on dubplate and I"m on the lookout for it :). You can hear a soundclip at the following site:

Dennis Brown - Up Full One: It starts off a little slow but once that bassline drops it just continues to pound away. Also, I love the oriental sounding synth work.

Some other Nice ones that I'm too lazy to write about, check them out:

Nittty Gritty - Brown Girl In The Ring

Judy Emannuel - Love Hangover (Rumours riddim)

Gregory Isaacs - Steal A Little Love (FRESHHH)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Big Mouth Mazuka Him A Di Entertainer....

...when him start talk is share shot a fire...."

"Keep in a dance @ the gun factory, who a promotion - the one M1, who a the gateman - bad boy remington, bushmaster him a the bartender, big mouth mazooka him a di entertainer, when him start talk is share shot start fire.....22 and .32 a cook the menu, it was hot lead & copper mix with gunpowder." WOW, a lyrical feast.

The irony of this song is that the dance gets ambushed/robbed by gunmen who are guns! Wrap your mind around that. "Who a guard the money - AK-47...if you start lick two, we a guh get yuh ripple."

Two other cuts on the riddim. Barry Morgan - Ripper / Barry Morgan - Global Confrontation, Ayeola 7"

Girls Nowadays

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nuff Dollars, That Rule

"Think So So Love Can Hold The Girls? Mek A Sad Mistake.. Just Remember This a '88, Nuff Dollars, That Rule" of the greatest intro's to a tune ever.

Sick Vena/Exterminator production from 1988, Pirana So-So Love

Next cut to this is Frankie Paul - Call On Jah Jah

Come On Jah

For those of you that like that Horace Martin (???) - Give Me The Vives (Music Track) thing:

Check for Frankie Paul - Come On Jah..similar riddim

Monday, November 29, 2010

Be A Better Nation

Tinga Stewart - Downtown Girl is on the same riddim. Appears on the Mixing Lab Showcase Vol 2 along with the Be A Better Nation

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mr Richman

Congo Ashanti Roy - Mr. Richman - Starts off a little slow. The riddim drops at :15 in and it's pure heat. Some other cool cuts on the LP. Wicked cover art also.

Run Around Boy

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cop A Come Again

Next cut to "Cop A Come" is Admiral Tibett: Mi Lover

Monday, November 22, 2010

Holy Trinity

3 Killer tunes all on the same riddim..Yes..same riddim, Youthman Invasion is on a much slower version of the riddim.

Records That I Have Bookmarked, But Too Cheap To Buy

Bunny Rock & The Earth Vibes - Some Say Jah (nice tune, this one will sell fast...riddim same style as sugar minott - sheriff john brown)

Little Jack - Duppy Shirley (I heard the full version of this tune, this dude is checking out duppy women in bikini underwear...creepy)

The Book - So Long (damn, this is slick)

Sir Neil - I'm Yours (nice digital riddim)

Michael Palmer - Everyone Makes Love (nice tune, rare canadian press 12" exterminator)

Lionel Barrett - Miserable Woman (Chopper label 12" from mr. rasta cowboy)

Gregory Isaaacs - Stealing A Little Love (classic, crisp & refreshing late 80s jammy's one a way riddim)

Latty Guzang - Reggae Riddim (nice side B)

Conrad Crystal - Dancehall Night (Legal Light 12", I think there is a different version of this song on the True Love LP)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Junior Delgado Undercover Jammy's LP (Road Block 1986)

Wicked Junior Delgado Jammy's produced LP that is barely known to most:

Soundclips of the whole album can be heard here. I don't think that is a legit site to purchase music from, but you can hear sound samples of each tune.

1) Can't Over Throw I (wicked tune, jammy's cut of the Paul Blackman - Earth Wind & Fire riddim. Jammy's dubplate monster tune Patrick Andy - Music Market & Anthony Johnson - We Nah Give Up also share the same riddim)

2) Love Me Tonight

3) King Size Headache (nice)

4) Are You Coming (next cut is Anthony Johnson - I Love You)

5) Liberation (Jammy's cut of "Black Cinderella")

6) Road Block

7) Righteous One

8) Highty Tighty (next cuts are Nitty Gritty - See It There & Leroy Smart - She No Love Him..and monster dubplate cuts King Everald - Long Time Girl & Don Angelo - Galang Selector)

9) Brown Lady (Jammy's cut of "Every Tongue Shall Tell")

10) Everything She Want

You can see the cover and label information here:

List of Obscure digital tunes for sale at low prices

Nice set of Original prices too for those record collectors out there. Some sellers purchase from this site to resell on ebay. Here's your chance to get these records without the middle man.

Brian O'Neil - Children Of Tommorow (cuss cuss riddim, killer tune thats a bargain). Next cut to it is Yabby U - Run Down Things, hard to find though.

Edi Fitzroy - Working Class Woman

Asha B & The Avengers - It's Too Late

Pliers - Hot Stuff (next cut to Mikey Melody - World Is A Disaster) rare 12"

Food-A-Rama (LOL) - Master Is Calling (tenor saw sound alike on tempo riddim)

Patrick Williams - Lonely Girl (Rumours Bassline)

Surn Board (serious thing) - One In Your Life

Mankind - New Rub A Dub

Brandy Diamond - Sweet Lady

Clive Matthews - Speak Softy Love (sung in the same key as the "godfather" theme)

Lady Junie - Come Ya Fe Man (90s remake)

One A Way - Love Jah Jah (same bassline as lilly melody - pressure me)

Ruben Rider - Glamour Girl (sick tune..zi zi zi zi zii..glamour a girl the carry the swing)

Sassa Frass - Tek A Look (funny cut to Frankie Paul - Tato)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Forward Forward Back A Yard

If You Nuh Juggling, Smuggling ---> Starvation

Nice rare & killer tune on Wackies/NY 7". "Document" is slang for a U.S. Visa..Legal We Legal.

Trevor Trees - Get Up

Rare NY 12" release on the "Youthman" riddim

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leggo Mi Watch Before You Get A Bitch Box

WOW..did he just say that..ILL!!

Rappa Horace - Leggo Mi Watch / Bobby Harrison - Posse Come Rock

Watch out all watch thief. "The boy head shape like a damn speaker box, can't hear cause him ear full a wax..give him two bax and him ketch a relax."

The flip side is pretty nice too. A very odd and obscure digital piece.

Jah Youth

Hilarious video!

Addicted To The Dollar

Two sweet early 90s digital tunes. The Sammy Dread is a US/Texas press 12" released in 1993. The Mango was released in 1991 on Striker 7". Other than similar sounding intro's on both tunes, there is no other relation.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Digital Dollars Part 2: Deep Pockets, 80s Reggae Mix



1. Troy Lobban - Let Loose (Skyline 7")
2. Mac Warner - Do Officer (Hi-Jack 7")
3. Ashanti Waugh - Feelings (Fantastique 7")
4. Patrick Andy - Self Control (dubplate)
5. Johnny Clarke - Be a Better Nation (Mixing Lab LP)
6. Boom Box - Gunshot (Tesfa 7")
7. Ossie D & Stevie G - Just Be Nice (Tiro 7")
8. Dogwood - Them Can't Blow Breath (Rising Star 7")
9. Aisha - War on Crack (Strickly Roots 7")
10. Donovan - Own Soldier (Mango LP)
11. Frankie Jones - Mr. Bad Boy (Trojan LP)
12. George Henry - Jamaica Nice (Ho-Ma-Ka 12")
13. Quench Aid - I Wish I Had a Mom (Super Blast 7")
14. Horace Andy - Days Ain't Brite (Atomic Bum 7")
15. Patrick Andy - Can't Take the Vibes (Thunderbolt LP)
16. Milton Curtis - No Evil (Spanna 7")
17. Rod Taylor - Don't Play With Me (Plexi LP)
18. Krystal - You Mean the World To Me (Super Power LP)
19. Conroy Smith - Ram Dance Master (Top Ranking 12")
20. Shortie Ranks - Dance Inna Skateland (Kangol 12")
21. Dutchman - Bally (Romantic 7")
22. Frederick Lewis - Natty Dancehall (Jack Rabbit 7")
23. Mackie - Thing For Love (Crat 12")
24. Johnny Lee - There You Go (Fat Bwoy 7")
25. Vichous Irie - Late Night Attack (10 Roosevelt Ave. 7")
26. Yoruba - Jollification (Stage 7")
27. Montgomery - Sensimillia (Life Time 12")
28. Sammy Dread - Addicted To My Love (Vibrations 12")
29. Richie Roots - Hi Hello (Bee Cat 12")
30. C. Lestin - Mob Him Kill Him (Humble Lion 12")
31. Sugar Ray - Jamaica Nice (10 Roosevelt Ave. 7")
32. Super Majah - Lazy Man (Fat Man 7")
33. Hard Rock - Them a Hustler (Hard Rock 7")
34. Anthony Brown - Black & White History (Reggae's Master Blaster 12")
35. Jimmy Riley - Come Back Baby (Live & Love LP)
36. Nuthead - Bumbing Ball (Wild Apache 7")
37. Wayne Smith - Strange How the World Is Going (dubplate)
38. Stanford Shirley - The System (Ujama 7")
39. Flourgon - Come Mek We Go Dweet (Kickers 12")
40. Robocop - Slave Driver (EVA 7")
41. Bionic - Youths in the Ghetto (Don Juan 7")
42. Michael Prophet - Liberty (Jam Rock LP)
43. Frankie Paul - I Want Her (Abraham 12")
44. Clarence Parks - Militant Youth (Papa Roots 12")
45. Mikey Carroll - Militant (Creative Sounds LP)
46. Flick Wilson - Two Youths Have a Quarrell (Kulumi 7")

Monday, November 1, 2010

Your Favorite Artists Recording Dubs

Check out Wayne Lonesome's Youtube page, over 450 videos of your favorite artists recording dubs for sound systems! Artists Include Courtney Melody, King Everald, Gregory Isaacs, Conrad Crystal....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

War In The Evening / Fantasy World

R.I.P Gregory

Next Cut: Robert Lee - Fantasy World

Them Say This Ghetto Living Is A Mission Impossible, But I Man Nah Give Up.

The 3rd Cut on this Riddim is Trevor Junior - Ghetto Living (Tonos 12"), which can be heard on this mix:

Crucial In Motion

Black Crucial performs his hit tune "Mr. Sonny ('83, Jammys)" while riding in a Brooklyn, NY dollar van. He still sounds great. I would miss my stop on purpose to hear more.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Living In The Land Of Freedom, But It Is Prison Indeed

"When I Get My Freedom" (SOSee 7", '85-87)
Soulful digital roots tune by Michael Levy. "They are trying to kill the aspiration of the hungry one..How long the wicked reign over the humble one?" I think this tune is about South Africa, but the message is universal. SOSee: Save Our Souls from Evil Entities? for Everlasting Eternity? Who knows?. listen


This is the next cut to Trevo Junior - I&I Time

Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't Touch & Get Tied Up With It

This is one of my favorite jammy's riddims. It sounds simple but it's an advanced production with really cool synths throughout.

Wicked Man A Come Fe Destroy It, But All A Them A Smoke It Inna Secret

Check out the tough drum & bass track Mr. Collie by Glen Judah (Atlantean 12", 1983-84?)

The full tune is posted on his myspace:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rougheck (Tempo)

Another obscure digital track on an obscure LP by UK group Three Dimension. The tune is "Roughneck" and it is a live band rendition of the Tempo riddim.

As for the tempo riddim, it could be possibly inspired by the piano riff from the Tamlin's 1980 hit "Baltimore." At :08 seconds in you can hear the first half of the tempo riddim.

Let Your Love Flow

Check out "Let Your Love Flow" by Bits & Pieces from their "On The Road Again" LP. "Let Your Love Flow" is a 1987/88 production that is on the Rumours bassline. Pretty nice track on a very obscure LP, one that has country music covers and r&b tunes!!

If I Had A Hammer, I'll Break My Way Out This Slaveship

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bubble Me / One Iration

The Next cut to the Killer Struggle - Bubble Me can be found in the place you least expect it, Zema's 1984-85 self- titled LP. The cut is track #4, "One Iration." The LP is only 8.99 at (Original Press) and features some other nice cuts.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rarities 4 Sharities Part Two & Three

Youtube user FatherPsalmsTV rinses out some killer killer selections from his collection in part 2 & 3

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New York, New York..You Can Get Everything in NY

If you want the coke you can get it deh suh...
If you want a fag**t you can get it deh suh....
If you want lose your life you can lose it deh suh...

Hysterical 80's Digital Yellowman tune on the Peanie Peanie Riddim. A truly enjoyable listen.

In This Time You Have To Be Militant Or....

Check out the following LP only digital killers:

Mikey Carroll - Militant (It is track #5 , not #6)..From The LP VA - Creative Hot Shots Vol 2.

Roy Rayon - Left Right & Centre (Track #4)..From the LP Roy Rayon - Trash & Ready

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

International Iration

I've recently unearthed a mid 80s gem, "Rock For The Nation" by british reggae group Talisman. The song appears on their 1985 "Jam Rock" LP, and it is a smooth, slick and enjoyable listen.

Not A Hand, Not A Foot, Not A Strand Of Hair...

I was browsing through tunes today and came across the very interesting & obscure Fathead - Space Shuttle Crash (revolution riddim) 12" on the Papa Roots label. Fathead, now deceased, graphically describes the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle Crash. The lyrics are quite macabre and some lines leave me scratching my head. I love tunes from the 80s about disasters and other current events. These tunes place me back in time to my childhood. For example, the line "I saw Ronald Reagan was talking on the air..," flashed back the memory of me actually watching this on TV. I thank these artists for keeping a historical record! Imagine a few thousand years down the line the only remaining historical record of this disaster turns out to be the Fathead 12'!! Listen

"The future of the world is in space somewhere............"

Rough Mr. Smart

Check out Leroy Smart on some killer Mid 80s Bebo's riddims

Leroy Smart - Private Message (amazon)

These are my favorites:

#05 - Some A Rough
#06 - Reggae Music (next cuts are Michael Palmer - Rip Off, Horace Andy - Days Aint Bright, Coola - Merry Go Round)
#18 - Be By My Side

Trying To Survive....

Another nice tune on the KillerWatts label (desmond scarlett - love a nuh something)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Your Enemies Are Everywhere

Check out "Your Enemies Are Everywhere" from Maxine Miller's - Complete Lovers album. The album is entirely produced by King Jammy's and it sounds like it's from the late 80s/early 90s. "Your Enemies..." is on a riddim with similar vibes to that of "Rumours." I don't believe it was released on vinyl, but defintely give this tune a listen because it is KILLER.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dangerous Reggae Music Alert: Recent Reissues

Check out Recent Reissues from the Following NYC Reissue Labels:

DigiKiller: (Tasha) Midnight Riders - Wanted!!, Michael Palmer - Different Strokes, Steve Knight - Love Mi Entertainment
DeadlyDragonSound: (Park Heights) Sluggy - Predjudice & Blackman Struggle, Roland Burrell - Don't Think About Tommorow!! + More
GoldShop: (Ossie) - Roland Burrell - Rip Off!!, Tony Tuff - Heat In The Place, King Kong - Dollaar Strong & Many more

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When I Ask For A Raise,You Look @ Me Like I'm Your Slave

"Slave Driver" (EVA 7", '89)
The original "Slave Driver"by Hubert Francis was initially released on Tycoon 7." The EVA 7" is the digital update by Hubert under the moniker Robo Cop (FZ Francis). The production is top notch and clean. Overall a well produced tune. It's one of those tunes with a message that will be relevant throughout time in the world of the have and have nots. listen

Be Careful of The System or You Will Be A Victim

"A So The System Work" (Triumphant, 7", '85)
Soulful tune by Ruddy Simbal giving warning to those falling into the grasps of the system (workforce?). It's very reminiscent of Hubert Francis - Slave Driver , as in working hard for small pay and receiving "praise with no raise." Tight drum and bass riddim track. "A so the system work, if you nah check it out, you bound to get a jerk." listen

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Strength & Power Today

I'm A Baldhead Living As A Righteous Rastaman...

Steve Machete - Righteous Rastaman

Tough digital tune on this obscure late 80s CD release, which also features well known tunes by Robert French & Major Worries. Dub Organizer riddim. Criss digital vibes.

Some Gyal A Run Street A Night....

Next cut to this riddim is Tony Culture & Stamma Ranks - Remember
Jah (Young Blood 7")

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Anytime We Come A Pure Live Stock

"Late Night Attack" (10 Roosevelt Ave, 7",'87)
Wicked tune by Vichous Irie detailing a late night ambush by gunmen while riding around town in a Honda Civic with his girlfriend (who "screams like a damn parakeet"). Shares the same killer riddim as Sister China - Jam The Calypso, Flourgon - Come Mek We Dweet (non harry j prod. 12"), Foxie - Muscular Man & Irie Fernandez - So Wonderful. listen

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Look Pon Di Sweet & Lovely Girls Jah Provide Fi We

"Aids Body" (FlashIT, 7",1987)
Obscure cuss cuss killer by Joseph McCalla. One of the many reggae tunes with the AIDS theme that were released during the 80's. 50's hollywood movie star Rock Hudson gets a mention here, "lay down pon me bed with mi radio pon me head, hear a newsflash seh Rock Hudson dead (aids)." Unfavorable Ruck Hudson lines pop up in some other songs also. listen

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sir Tommy's Catalog - 100 Tunes

Lots of killer tunes from Little John, Roland Burrell, Thriller, Chris Wayne.......

Amazon Downloads

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nah Be No Alley Button, Work Fi Nuttin....

Seriously wicked tiger. Available on Amazon & Itunes.

The next 3 cuts on this riddim are:

Tuffest - Glory Hallelujah

Sleepy Wonder - Vibes

Sugar Minott - God Bless The Child (Thanks to HeRo for pointing this appears on a mix on the linked site)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nuh Easy At All In This Time

Little Girl I Don't Wanna See Your Face No More....

"Leave the Door" (Tonos 12", '84)
Amazing and highly underrated Patrick Andy cut that's the side b to Wayne Smith's - Dancing Machine. In my opinion, the Patrick Andy cut is just as good or even better than "Dancing Machine." "Leave the Door" is also on the Patrick Andy & Frankie Jones LP, "Two New Superstars," titled as "Little Girl." listen

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unreleased King Tubby's Dubplate Tracks & Specials

Originally posted on the dancehallreggae foundation forum earlier this year, this soundtape is full of unreleased King Tubby's digital tunes by Michael Palmer, King Kong, Col. LLoydie & More...Here are some notable parts:

Part 1.

06:00 - Scooby Irie - "Worries"
12:30 - Michael Palmer -" Dem A Screechy Across The Border!!"
18:40 - King Kong - "She Run Gone Leave Me"
33:00 - Col. Lloydie - "Got To Be Crucial"
42:30 - Scooby Irie - "Ah No Any Sound Can't Play Tubby's" Tempo/Crank Angle special.
45:07 - "YOO..owner fi the white (Ford) escort outside, if you can just move come down nitty gritty, come break dem bone)
45:31 - Nitty Gritty - Turn Them Back
50:26 - Col. Lloydie - "King Tubby's A Guh Kill Dem"...short but sweet.

Part 2.

00:01 - King Kong - "Fever" King Tubby's special on tempo
13:00 - Scooby Irie - "Hotter Reggae Music" on Pad Anthony Dangerous System Riddim.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mr. Drug Abuser...You Are...A Loser

"Norcotics" (TB Sharp, LP, '88)
Peanie Peanie riddim cut by Papa Levi on this obscure UK pressing. Pretty humourous song, "like the sulfur pon a match stick, yuh body bun out quick quick quick." LL Cool J (reffered to as, LJ Cool J!!) and Slick Rick gets a mention here. If this song alone is not a good reason to get this LP, then you should check out the Sanchez track "Kill A Sound" also. listen

I'm No Superstar, No Movie Star..Jus a 1 Away Man..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Young Girllllllll

Chuck Turner - Young Girl (Presenting LP - Trump Jack '89)
One of my favorite Chuck Turner tunes. Mr. Turner does a really fine job of singing on this one. Released on the easy to find Presenting LP (only $20 @ DeadlyDragon), it's shocking that this tune is not popular as it should be. If you love that late 80's New York digital (Witty, Park Heights....) sound, then you will like this one. Listen (FFWD to 22:00 mark into the mix). Seriously, don't miss this one.

It's A Plot By The Wicked To Destroy Us

"War On Crack" (Strictly Roots 7", '87)
A well produced anti-crack tune by Aisha. The production is full and crisp. The intro has the same ominous feeling as the M*A*S*H theme song. A full digi onslaught at the wicked who plot to destroy us, "what now can they do to try to keep us down..just take a little crack & spread it around." Diabolical tune topped off smiley faces on the label. listen