Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mama Grundey, She Gone

Watch The Fool Dem A Fight Fi Bread & Butter

Seems like FP recorded an unlimited amount of killer's another..

You Sweet Me

Wicked Firehouse selection by Michael Prophet

Foundation Digital Mix

Great mix, cool cover art. Check out these crucial crucial selections:

Frankie Jones - Do Buckie Master at 14:10 in. "I can remember the sign on the ship, a form a skull with the legs on it"..if you can't figure out that line , here's the answer

Jah Bull - Blackman Time (digital cut to I&I Time) at 49:00 in..some serious claps on this

Clarence Parks - Things A Come Up To Bump at 51:10 in (I&I Time Riddim)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Your'e Like An Angel

Slick Jammy's digital. Epic, yet gloomy sounding synths

Friday, February 25, 2011

All Dem Want To Teach Me Is To Praise The Dollar

Appears on 7" on the Revelation label out of Canada .

Monday, February 21, 2011

2 Big tunes by 2 Big Artists


Watching a CNN report right now on the Libya protests and it reminded of this random Harry j digital 7" from 1987 regarding the Pan Am situation: Candy Fly - Lybia

Another Libya related tune is the Barry Morgan - Global confrontation 7" on Ayeola.

Obscure Digital Selections

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sound Boy A Wuk Fi Feed Him Obeah Man

At the 5:10 mark is the crucial King Everald "Launch An Attack" Jammy's dubplate and it lasts for three minutes. This is the dubplate that you see Jammy's playing at the Cinema 1 clash on the Jammy's King At The Controls DVD.

The next cut to this riddim is Phllip Frazer's Lost & Found

Don Carlos, Sugar Minott, Junior Reid

Crucial piece a tape

Check out Don Carlos performing "Fight Fight" at the end

King Jammys Super Power Video

Wicked 30 minute soundsystem video from 1987-88.

Featuring King Everald, Frankie Paul, Major Worries, Admiral Bailey......

Soundsystem Business (40 minute movie from 1981)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

She's On My Mind Non Stop

Next cut to Uplifter - Strength & Power Non Stop, George Nooks - Today, and of course Dennis Brown's - Milk & Honey

_____ A Gwan

Check out the digi cut "Black Man Time" by Jah Bull on the above cd (only $3.99). "Black Man Time" is digital relick of the Trevor Junior - I & I time riddim. "A Gwan" on the CD is also a nice tune on the screechy accross the border riddim.

In This Time You Have To Be Militant...

or get crushed like a little ant..

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gwaan Doctor

Sounds like a digital lick of the clarence parks - gunman riddim.

Sounds Of Many Colours

Some sweet digital tracks from Donovan Joseph's - Sounds Of Many Colours LP:

Pay Mi Mass, Mood For Loving & 2000 Years.

Classic Rides Again

Digital boom shot on the Canada based Classic Sounds label. At the current price of 350 GBP (approx. $560 USD), this is the highest price I've seen on ebay for a JA digital 7" record. If anyone knows the artist, drop me a message.

-feb 17th - Currently at $400 GBP!

Some other gems on this label (I've posted a few on here before):

Horace Martin - Ruff We Ruff (amazing tune)
Humble Lion - Pirates On Shore
Babsy Dixon - Rumours
Little John - Reality
Little John - Poision (rumours riddim lick)
Andrew Dan - Temporary Lover (this one would have been nicer sans the heeehee sounds)

All/most are on youtube for listening

Deh Pon Top My Roots Daughter......

Nice digital straight out of Toronto Canada.
There is a 4th cut on this riddim, Woody Noble - Follow Me on Mes Jam 7"..can't find a clip online.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wha Dat, Wha Dat....Lawd Oiiii, Lawd Oiii

Running out of stuff to update with.....but check this wicked Barrington Levy & Nitty Gritty gritty Black Roots cut

Next cut Everyman A Seller by Nitty Gritty