Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nah Be No Alley Button, Work Fi Nuttin....

Seriously wicked tiger. Available on Amazon & Itunes.

The next 3 cuts on this riddim are:

Tuffest - Glory Hallelujah

Sleepy Wonder - Vibes

Sugar Minott - God Bless The Child (Thanks to HeRo for pointing this out..it appears on a mix on the linked site)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nuh Easy At All In This Time

Little Girl I Don't Wanna See Your Face No More....

"Leave the Door" (Tonos 12", '84)
Amazing and highly underrated Patrick Andy cut that's the side b to Wayne Smith's - Dancing Machine. In my opinion, the Patrick Andy cut is just as good or even better than "Dancing Machine." "Leave the Door" is also on the Patrick Andy & Frankie Jones LP, "Two New Superstars," titled as "Little Girl." listen

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unreleased King Tubby's Dubplate Tracks & Specials

Originally posted on the dancehallreggae foundation forum earlier this year, this soundtape is full of unreleased King Tubby's digital tunes by Michael Palmer, King Kong, Col. LLoydie & More...Here are some notable parts:

Part 1.

06:00 - Scooby Irie - "Worries"
12:30 - Michael Palmer -" Dem A Screechy Across The Border!!"
18:40 - King Kong - "She Run Gone Leave Me"
33:00 - Col. Lloydie - "Got To Be Crucial"
42:30 - Scooby Irie - "Ah No Any Sound Can't Play Tubby's" Tempo/Crank Angle special.
45:07 - "YOO..owner fi the white (Ford) escort outside, if you can just move it...now come down nitty gritty, come break dem bone)
45:31 - Nitty Gritty - Turn Them Back
50:26 - Col. Lloydie - "King Tubby's A Guh Kill Dem"...short but sweet.

Part 2.

00:01 - King Kong - "Fever" King Tubby's special on tempo
13:00 - Scooby Irie - "Hotter Reggae Music" on Pad Anthony Dangerous System Riddim.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mr. Drug Abuser...You Are...A Loser

"Norcotics" (TB Sharp, LP, '88)
Peanie Peanie riddim cut by Papa Levi on this obscure UK pressing. Pretty humourous song, "like the sulfur pon a match stick, yuh body bun out quick quick quick." LL Cool J (reffered to as, LJ Cool J!!) and Slick Rick gets a mention here. If this song alone is not a good reason to get this LP, then you should check out the Sanchez track "Kill A Sound" also. listen

I'm No Superstar, No Movie Star..Jus a 1 Away Man..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Young Girllllllll

Chuck Turner - Young Girl (Presenting LP - Trump Jack '89)
One of my favorite Chuck Turner tunes. Mr. Turner does a really fine job of singing on this one. Released on the easy to find Presenting LP (only $20 @ DeadlyDragon), it's shocking that this tune is not popular as it should be. If you love that late 80's New York digital (Witty, Park Heights....) sound, then you will like this one. Listen (FFWD to 22:00 mark into the mix). Seriously, don't miss this one.

It's A Plot By The Wicked To Destroy Us

"War On Crack" (Strictly Roots 7", '87)
A well produced anti-crack tune by Aisha. The production is full and crisp. The intro has the same ominous feeling as the M*A*S*H theme song. A full digi onslaught at the wicked who plot to destroy us, "what now can they do to try to keep us down..just take a little crack & spread it around." Diabolical tune topped off smiley faces on the label. listen

Monday, August 16, 2010

We're Sailing In A Ship That's Sinking

"Sailing" (Park Height's LP, '87)
Great Tony Tuff LP on the legendary NY based Park Heights label. The title track, "Sailing," features a wicked latin influenced guitar intro as well as some nice lines.. "all of us are in the same boat together, none of us better off than the other." My fav cut on the LP is the empowering tune "Come Again," which is on a criss digital riddim. Don't miss this one. listen

Same Riddim

Saturday, August 14, 2010


"Suddenly" (Kulcha Sound 7", 1987)
I've must have came across about 20 copies of the "Suddenly" 7" in the past decade, however, the copy I'm writing about is one that is on a different mix of the same riddim (swing easy). I've never seen this version of the 7" before. This alternate version is more bouncy and upbeat, the known version features the rugged Youth Promotion sound. listen

Thursday, August 12, 2010

They Telling Me Rumours.....

"Rumours" (Classic Sounds 12", '86)
When I first heard this tune, I had a sudden flash back to my childhood playing Nintendo games, especially Super Mario's World & Zelda. The pulsating digital keys are reminiscent of the haunted castle level in Mario. The production style is unique and the vocals also sound great. The artist is Babsy Dixon. Another Candian Classic Sounds gem. listen

Tribute To Winston McIntosh (Peter Tosh)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Settle Steady

"Settle Steady" (10 Roosevelt Ave 7", '86)
Maureen Pearson drops some lyrical gems here. Her vocals are laid back, smooth and effortless. "Woman like me, nuh fi handle me man, me no cheat me no thief, me no trick up me man..as him slip-n-slide, meh deh by him side." The tune is about mutual respect & understanding in a relationship. Another killer Harry J's revolution cut listen.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Say Hello To My Likkle Friend

"Crosses A Follow Me" (Bay City 12", '87)
Making it's Internet debut on the Digital $'s mixtape, "Crossess A Follow Me" by Tony Montana is one man's weekly account of pure bad luck. With an artist name like Tony Montana, the tune is aptly dark, menacing and unintentionally humourous. The Side B is Clive Llloyd Jr.'s "Oh Jah" which is on the same riddim and just as good. listen

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Co Co Co Co Co Co Co Cocain...overdose

Now that are you are addicted, here's one more

http://www.reggaerecord.com/en/catalog/description.php?code=45399 (listen)

A four man combination by: Barry Spiritual, Neil Diamond, Major Black, Little Rush on the aptly titled Pills Posse label, the riddim track actually includes the sounds of someone snorting cocaine.

Co Co Co Co Co Co Co Cocain..

Bob West - "Cocain" (Choice 7", '88)
Nothing like dropping the needle on a 7" of "cocain" and having flashbacks of Nancy Regan's "Just Say No" PSA's. Among social epidemic themed tunes, such as AIDS, the amount of anti-coke tracks released number in the hundreds, many were so bad that they had a reverse effect. listen (only a 1:00 long, if you want the full effect contact your local dealer)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Long Time This Youth Yah A Fight The Struggle...

"have to get the grammy, but for now mi have to settle for the jammy (jamaican music award)"

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Herb Is For The Healing of Jah Nation...

"Mr. Officer" (W&B Records 12", '84)
"The herb is for the healing of Jah nation and the grass is for the cattle on the field." Frankie Jones tries to convice the officer not to lock him up over night for carrying a small amount of herb. Same riddim and title as Wayne Blackstock's - Mr Officer on Tonos 12". Which of the two do you like better? listen

Throw Down Your Arms


"Free Basing" "Crazy About You" (Rockers)
Two amazing cuts on the Rockers All Stars Compilation CD. "Free Basing" is by Rockers artist Ricky Grant, and it's a warning against "the order of the day," freebase. "Crazy About You" is by Delroy Williams and it is a sweet digital lovers tune. Other great cuts are "Jah Bless" by Spliffy Dan & "Jah The Creator" by Jah Bull. listen or buy