Friday, June 25, 2010

Fling It Up

"Take Your Time" (Style & Fashion, Nura LP)
Sweet Leroy Smart tune on the same riddim as Eccelton Jarrett's "Fling It Up." The "Style & Fashion" LP is full of Early-Mid 80's Jammy's riddims, but oddly enough he is not credited as the producer. Another nice selection from the lp is "Ethipopia is the Place," which is on the same riddim as Johnny Osbourne's "Angel In My Arms." listen

Monday, June 21, 2010

Love A Nuh Something Fe Ramp With

"Love A Nuh....." (Killer Watts Music, 12", '86)
By artist Desmond Scarlett, is a top notch digital release. Recorded in '86, the production is crisp, plush and ahead of it's time. New York based producers Phillip Smart & Rafael,who produced many killer tunes in the late 80s (eclipse, ruddys, etc..), aid in production here. listen

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dem A Fight Fight, But Dem Can't Ketch I & I

"Easy Mover" (Vena, LP, 1987)
Absolutely essential LP if you are 80s Digital and Frankie Paul fan. Produced by Fatis, the LP features some of the best Vena riddim tracks. Ones to check for are, "Keep On Running" "Call On Jah" "Dem A Fight Fight Fight" & "Midas Touch." An original press copy of the LP is not too hard to find and usually sells for cheap on ebay. listen

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Living Inna Concrete Jungle, Too Much Trouble..

"Too Much Trouble" (Fatman, LP, '83)
Crucial Leroy Smart vocals on top of an electric guitar driven Prince Jammys dub (Next Cut King Everald - Don't Remember Me). Its surprising that such a killer tune by a well-known artist and producer is so obscure. Recorded almost 30 years ago, the message here is still strong and relevant. listen

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rather Die If We Can't Be Free

"South Africa" (Attic LP, '85)
In the 80s hundreds of "South Africa" themed songs were released. Leroy Sibbles version follows the same pattern, but with a lot of FX Gunshots and bunch of computerized effects thrown in. The tune is on the "Mean While" album, which is fairly easy to find online (check Ernie Bs). listen

Busy Body

"Busy Body" (Rythem Track 12", 1985)
Performed by Anthony Selassie with Tony Tuff - "Starvation" on the flip, this is the 2nd and only (to my knowledge) Rythem track 12" released in the 80s. Again, like "Big Bout Ya," production is ahead of its time for a '85 release. Criss lick of the Greenbay Killing/Youthman riddim.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strickly Positive Vibes A Deal With

"Big Bout Ya" (Rythem Track 12", 85')
Every time I listen to this Tony Roach flamer I'm amazed at the fact that it was released in 1985, the year of the Sleng-Teng/Computerized revolution. It's safe to say that this release has its place in "digital" history. Like "Sleng Teng," the production was so far ahead of its time and it still sounds fresh to this day.

Music Is Love, Jah Is Love

"Ghetto Man Skank" (Sonny Fudgie 12", 87-88)
Tough and heavy digital lick of the cuss cuss riddim. Performed by Telford Nelson aka Tilly, the bass from this late 80s release is monstrous. I serendipitously found it for a few $ at an online shop that sold only re-issues and I incorrectly assumed it was one. Also released on the same label as a 7". Listen