Wednesday, October 27, 2010

War In The Evening / Fantasy World

R.I.P Gregory

Next Cut: Robert Lee - Fantasy World

Them Say This Ghetto Living Is A Mission Impossible, But I Man Nah Give Up.

The 3rd Cut on this Riddim is Trevor Junior - Ghetto Living (Tonos 12"), which can be heard on this mix:

Crucial In Motion

Black Crucial performs his hit tune "Mr. Sonny ('83, Jammys)" while riding in a Brooklyn, NY dollar van. He still sounds great. I would miss my stop on purpose to hear more.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Living In The Land Of Freedom, But It Is Prison Indeed

"When I Get My Freedom" (SOSee 7", '85-87)
Soulful digital roots tune by Michael Levy. "They are trying to kill the aspiration of the hungry one..How long the wicked reign over the humble one?" I think this tune is about South Africa, but the message is universal. SOSee: Save Our Souls from Evil Entities? for Everlasting Eternity? Who knows?. listen


This is the next cut to Trevo Junior - I&I Time

Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't Touch & Get Tied Up With It

This is one of my favorite jammy's riddims. It sounds simple but it's an advanced production with really cool synths throughout.

Wicked Man A Come Fe Destroy It, But All A Them A Smoke It Inna Secret

Check out the tough drum & bass track Mr. Collie by Glen Judah (Atlantean 12", 1983-84?)

The full tune is posted on his myspace:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rougheck (Tempo)

Another obscure digital track on an obscure LP by UK group Three Dimension. The tune is "Roughneck" and it is a live band rendition of the Tempo riddim.

As for the tempo riddim, it could be possibly inspired by the piano riff from the Tamlin's 1980 hit "Baltimore." At :08 seconds in you can hear the first half of the tempo riddim.

Let Your Love Flow

Check out "Let Your Love Flow" by Bits & Pieces from their "On The Road Again" LP. "Let Your Love Flow" is a 1987/88 production that is on the Rumours bassline. Pretty nice track on a very obscure LP, one that has country music covers and r&b tunes!!

If I Had A Hammer, I'll Break My Way Out This Slaveship

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bubble Me / One Iration

The Next cut to the Killer Struggle - Bubble Me can be found in the place you least expect it, Zema's 1984-85 self- titled LP. The cut is track #4, "One Iration." The LP is only 8.99 at (Original Press) and features some other nice cuts.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rarities 4 Sharities Part Two & Three

Youtube user FatherPsalmsTV rinses out some killer killer selections from his collection in part 2 & 3

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New York, New York..You Can Get Everything in NY

If you want the coke you can get it deh suh...
If you want a fag**t you can get it deh suh....
If you want lose your life you can lose it deh suh...

Hysterical 80's Digital Yellowman tune on the Peanie Peanie Riddim. A truly enjoyable listen.

In This Time You Have To Be Militant Or....

Check out the following LP only digital killers:

Mikey Carroll - Militant (It is track #5 , not #6)..From The LP VA - Creative Hot Shots Vol 2.

Roy Rayon - Left Right & Centre (Track #4)..From the LP Roy Rayon - Trash & Ready

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

International Iration

I've recently unearthed a mid 80s gem, "Rock For The Nation" by british reggae group Talisman. The song appears on their 1985 "Jam Rock" LP, and it is a smooth, slick and enjoyable listen.

Not A Hand, Not A Foot, Not A Strand Of Hair...

I was browsing through tunes today and came across the very interesting & obscure Fathead - Space Shuttle Crash (revolution riddim) 12" on the Papa Roots label. Fathead, now deceased, graphically describes the 1986 Challenger Space Shuttle Crash. The lyrics are quite macabre and some lines leave me scratching my head. I love tunes from the 80s about disasters and other current events. These tunes place me back in time to my childhood. For example, the line "I saw Ronald Reagan was talking on the air..," flashed back the memory of me actually watching this on TV. I thank these artists for keeping a historical record! Imagine a few thousand years down the line the only remaining historical record of this disaster turns out to be the Fathead 12'!! Listen

"The future of the world is in space somewhere............"

Rough Mr. Smart

Check out Leroy Smart on some killer Mid 80s Bebo's riddims

Leroy Smart - Private Message (amazon)

These are my favorites:

#05 - Some A Rough
#06 - Reggae Music (next cuts are Michael Palmer - Rip Off, Horace Andy - Days Aint Bright, Coola - Merry Go Round)
#18 - Be By My Side

Trying To Survive....

Another nice tune on the KillerWatts label (desmond scarlett - love a nuh something)

Saturday, October 9, 2010