Friday, July 30, 2010

Can't Tek The Rip Off Possie

"Rip Off Possie" (Dance Hall Time LP, '86)
One of two killer Hopeton Junior tunes on this killer lp (scarface label). The other Hopeton Jr track is is "Tribulation Nuh Easy." Artwork on the front cover is done by the late-great Limonious. I love tunes of this production style, which includes a slightly depressing piano melody on top of some tight drums. listen

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Dat She Want

"A Dat She Want" (Ghetto Youth 7", '86)
O'Neil Dyer's second appearance onthe Ghetto Youth label, the other is "Night Shift" and is equally as nice. The lyrics are very smilar to that of "Me No Wah No Bun" by Oral John. "Take her out of darker and put her inna light." Both tunes deal with refining a "bad ways" woman, however, the effort is in vain again. listen

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gunshot In A Me Foot, Me Get Clap

"Gun Shot" (Tesfa 7", '88)
Boom Box vividly describes an ambush by gunmen where he gets "clapped" on the ankle. This is a next cut to Tony Tuff's "Upside Down" also on the Tesfa label. I love the cartoonish advice on how not to get "clapped": "Move out of the way of an oncoming shot by running ziggy zaggy and keeping well flat." listen

Raggamuffin Soldier, Come Step It Across The Border

"Ragamuffin Soldier" (Ridim Force 7", '86)
Among "Robber Man" "Blow Your Nose" "Dollars Have Fi Strong,""Ragamuffin Soldier" is the rarest Steve Knight tune on the Ridim Force label. The horns sound a little odd & playful for a tune titled "Ragamuffin Soldier," but that could be intentional. Anyone have a spare of "Orphan Child" ? :) listen

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Me No Want No Bun, M16, Bushmaster, Enforcer...

"Natty Dance Hall" (Jack Rabbit 7", '88)
This one looks innocent with the image of a pompous rabbit on the label. However, its a hard bass pounding gem by Frederick Lewis about not bringing the guns into the dance. "Me no want no n16 inna natty dance tonight...a strictly lovers to come inna natty dance." listen

"Me No Wah No Bun" (Cottontail 7", '87)
Amazing tune by Oral John. The production is very crisp and the lyrics are nice. "Take you out of darkness and put you inna light...take you out of bally (sneakers) and make you wear spike (high heels)." He refines her but then she turns around and takes advantage of him. listen

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Youthman You Too Quick Fi Lick

"Quick Fi Lick" (Classic Sounds 7", '88)
Another great tune on the Classic Sounds label by an artist well known to digital reggae fans, Prince Junior. Today's theme is police ("mr commissioner") vs. bad boy ("quick fi lick"). This is one goes out to all them youth's who are too "quick fi lick", slow it down and rationalize your licking. listen

Pure Badness A Gwan, True Dem Have Dem Firearm

"Mr. Commissioner" (Jam Session LP, '88)
Winston Ossie makes a plea to the police commissioner about the "badness down a station." "...Peace officer is what they are, but when them carry me to the station, dem treat me like prisoner of war." Wicked King Jammy's digital riddim track. Appears on the compilation "Jam Session Vol 1." listen

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hypocrites & Parasythes, Get Out of My.....Blog

"Hypocrite & Parasythe" (Rocktone 12", '84)
Tough tune by Lion Melody who give warning to "Hypocrites & Parasythe's." It seems a few people are upset and leave nasty msgs. because Mp3's aren't posted. The intent of this blog is to expose obscure tunes that are out there & can be found, so for those few parasythes that don't like it, take a listen.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pirates On Shore Searching For Gold

"Pirates On Shore" (Classic Sounds 7", '88)
Monstrous bass-driven digital tune by unknown artist Humble Lion. The tune is about the discovery of the new world by "pirates" (Columbus) & the exploitation of native peoples in the search for gold. It's hard to believe a reggae tune exists regarding such a random topic, but it does, have a listen.

If The 3rd World War Is A Must

If The 3rd World War...(African Unity, 12" '84)
Apocalyptic tune by Ruffy & Tuffy during the Cold War era. A lot of the global conflicts mentioned in this tune are still unresolved to this day and are even more critical. (Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan...). The 12" is a US-Texas press! Also available on the Ruffy & Tuffy - Climax LP. listen

Friday, July 16, 2010

Creator Of The Sun, Moon & Stars

Creator (SMJ Productions 12", 1986)
Another fine tune from Nitty Gritty's catalog. Not very well known, but in my opinion it ranks in his top 5 tunes. A deep and lyrical tune. "He (The Creator) give us everything, but some man want everything." He gave us Food, Clothes & Shelter, but some people get greedy and exploit others. listen

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Drum & Bass Like Oil To A Lamp

"It A Boom" (Out-A-Grass 7", '87)
Peformed by Swelele, this US 7" pressing (w/ pic sleeve) is hypnotic digital treat where you might hear something new every listen or so. If anyone has an idea of what "Out A Grass" means please let me know! Could it be music induced by the smoking of some good grass? Sure sounds like it. listen

Ghetto Youth Dem Rising...they can sing, they can dance....

Youth Promotion grounds, circa 1986:

Make sure you check out the other wonderful images from the biggest artists, producers and studio's of the 80s.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sugar Minott & Conroy Smith - Poor People

"Poor People" (Jah Children Invasion IV - LP)
Alternate cut to the Jah Life release. The late, great Sugar Minott provides haunting background vocals as well as production. His Youth Promotion digital riddims feature a gritty and unpolished sound, which represents the raw talent of the young artists he helped to become polished stars. listen

Monday, July 5, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

See A Man Face, But You Can't See Him Heart

"See A Man Face" (Digital-B, 12" 89)
Horace Andy updates his 60's Studio One classic on a tough computerized riddim. Arranged by the Steely & Cleevie and produced by Bobby Digital (King Jammy's engineer during the mid to late 80's), the tune ranks among the best releases of the time (mostly Jammy's productions). However, it seems lost among these torrent of releases. listen

Rod Taylor - The Heathen, DIGITAL

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Pram Pram..Shot a Lick For The Foreign Style"

Archie McLean, Wicked Under-Recorded Artist

Jammy's Version of Rumours

Special Request To All Hooligan

"Special Request To All Notch" (Revealers, 12")
In my opinion, this Junior Kahadaffie track is one of the top tunes of the 80s. The tune is gritty and dark which is analogous to the seedy NYC streets of the time. Unfortunately there is no "Chapter Two" release on this label, I guess "Chapter One" was impossible to top so they ended the book there. listen