Saturday, July 24, 2010

Me No Want No Bun, M16, Bushmaster, Enforcer...

"Natty Dance Hall" (Jack Rabbit 7", '88)
This one looks innocent with the image of a pompous rabbit on the label. However, its a hard bass pounding gem by Frederick Lewis about not bringing the guns into the dance. "Me no want no n16 inna natty dance tonight...a strictly lovers to come inna natty dance." listen

"Me No Wah No Bun" (Cottontail 7", '87)
Amazing tune by Oral John. The production is very crisp and the lyrics are nice. "Take you out of darkness and put you inna light...take you out of bally (sneakers) and make you wear spike (high heels)." He refines her but then she turns around and takes advantage of him. listen

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