Sunday, July 25, 2010

Raggamuffin Soldier, Come Step It Across The Border

"Ragamuffin Soldier" (Ridim Force 7", '86)
Among "Robber Man" "Blow Your Nose" "Dollars Have Fi Strong,""Ragamuffin Soldier" is the rarest Steve Knight tune on the Ridim Force label. The horns sound a little odd & playful for a tune titled "Ragamuffin Soldier," but that could be intentional. Anyone have a spare of "Orphan Child" ? :) listen


  1. I would help u out with the Orphan Child LP..but u seem to like to delete my comments where I show other users where they can dl some of these chunes (i.e. Humble Lion - Pirates On Shore)..It works both ways bredren

  2. I'm guessing he wants the actual vinyl not just the mp3's which are easy enough for anyone to come across