Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hypocrites & Parasythes, Get Out of My.....Blog

"Hypocrite & Parasythe" (Rocktone 12", '84)
Tough tune by Lion Melody who give warning to "Hypocrites & Parasythe's." It seems a few people are upset and leave nasty msgs. because Mp3's aren't posted. The intent of this blog is to expose obscure tunes that are out there & can be found, so for those few parasythes that don't like it, take a listen.


  1. Like that one-of-a-kind King Tubby dubplate, for instance? I personally agree with what you're doing,
    EXCEPT when you post something that CAN'T be found.

  2. You are right...That was One dubplate out of 50 posts....

  3. And it's the only post I questioned.