Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Classic Rides Again

Digital boom shot on the Canada based Classic Sounds label. At the current price of 350 GBP (approx. $560 USD), this is the highest price I've seen on ebay for a JA digital 7" record. If anyone knows the artist, drop me a message.

-feb 17th - Currently at $400 GBP!

Some other gems on this label (I've posted a few on here before):

Horace Martin - Ruff We Ruff (amazing tune)
Humble Lion - Pirates On Shore
Babsy Dixon - Rumours
Little John - Reality
Little John - Poision (rumours riddim lick)
Andrew Dan - Temporary Lover (this one would have been nicer sans the heeehee sounds)

All/most are on youtube for listening

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