Friday, December 31, 2010

Jammy's Lick of the Sammy Levi - Come Off The Road Riddim

...(or is it the other way?)


  1. Jammys version came first. If you check the 'Prince Jammy's Computerised Dub LP' released on Greensleeves and listen to 'Peek And Poke' you will find it is a dub mix to this Riddim (the same dub as found on the My Sweet Love 12"). You will find that Jammys cut is from 1986 and the Sammy Levi cut is much later (1987-1988).

  2. Yea, I figured the jammy's came first because the nitty LP was rel. in 1986.

    That computerized LP is wicked! "Wafer Scale Integration" is the dub to one of my favorite Jammy's digi tunes, Dennis Brown - Upful one.

  3. The LP is a wicked, wicked Jammys selection. Shame there wasn't more dubs on it from Wayne Smith album though. A dub to Leave Her For You and My Lord My God would've been nice, although I think these were on Jammys Dubplates with unreleased mixes and dubs...
    Speaking of which, it would be great to find some plates with tunes off that LP!