Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Big Mouth Mazuka Him A Di Entertainer....

...when him start talk is share shot a fire...."

"Keep in a dance @ the gun factory, who a promotion - the one M1, who a the gateman - bad boy remington, bushmaster him a the bartender, big mouth mazooka him a di entertainer, when him start talk is share shot start fire.....22 and .32 a cook the menu, it was hot lead & copper mix with gunpowder." WOW, a lyrical feast.

The irony of this song is that the dance gets ambushed/robbed by gunmen who are guns! Wrap your mind around that. "Who a guard the money - AK-47...if you start lick two, we a guh get yuh ripple."

Two other cuts on the riddim. Barry Morgan - Ripper / Barry Morgan - Global Confrontation, Ayeola 7"

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