Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We Are Jah Jah Children.............

Trevor Junior - I & I Time and Clarence Parks - Things A Come Up To Bump also on the same riddim. Considered the same riddim as Lloyd Parks - Slaving. Both have a similar bassline but the bassline in the "I & I Time" version is more prominent.


  1. they are also cuts from anthony johnson and michael palmer on this riddim

  2. Thanks,

    I forgot the MP - Gwan A school

    Whats the anthony johnson tune?

  3. Jah Batta goes on this riddim too pon his album Argument is a tune called youthman time. Also I think Al Campbell has a tune pon dis riddim on his bad boys album. Plus I know this bassline and the Lloyd parks slaving bassline and they're similar chord progressions but the bassline is different on those tunes and in a different key, its kind of similar but not the exact same. Just wanted to let you know. Irie. Never stop spreading reggae music!

  4. Thanks, I added those..forgot about them...Nice batch of tunes on this riddim!

    Yea, I don't really consider them the same riddim also.