Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jammy's One A Way Riddims

If you have been following this blog for the past 6-7 months, you will see that I have huge appreciation for 80's Jammy's digital tunes. The Jammy's digital sound of the the mid to late 80s withstood the test of time and is still sounds fresh to this day. "Sleng Teng" is great and fully deserves the acclaim it gets. However, some of the lesser known Jammy's digital productions that deserve some light of day are:

Frankie Paul - Peel Off A Mask (mass , money) - An advanced and layered riddim that is not reliant on a bassline. A totally unpredictable riddim. I believe that this is the only released tune on this riddim. There is another one but it's on dubplate and I"m on the lookout for it :). You can hear a soundclip at the following site:

Dennis Brown - Up Full One: It starts off a little slow but once that bassline drops it just continues to pound away. Also, I love the oriental sounding synth work.

Some other Nice ones that I'm too lazy to write about, check them out:

Nittty Gritty - Brown Girl In The Ring

Judy Emannuel - Love Hangover (Rumours riddim)

Gregory Isaacs - Steal A Little Love (FRESHHH)


  1. Frankie Paul - Peel Off A Mask similar to Courtney Melody - Tell Them!

  2. I never realized this but Quasimoto aka Madlib's 'Good Morning Sunshine' samples the instrumental of Dennis Brown's 'Up Full One' quite extensively. Thanks for the small epiphany.