Thursday, September 9, 2010

Look Pon Di Sweet & Lovely Girls Jah Provide Fi We

"Aids Body" (FlashIT, 7",1987)
Obscure cuss cuss killer by Joseph McCalla. One of the many reggae tunes with the AIDS theme that were released during the 80's. 50's hollywood movie star Rock Hudson gets a mention here, "lay down pon me bed with mi radio pon me head, hear a newsflash seh Rock Hudson dead (aids)." Unfavorable Ruck Hudson lines pop up in some other songs also. listen


  1. Yawn. Digitial Mi Digital dropped this tune about 6 months ago. Also they provided a full MP3!!! If anyone wants the chune just go to a halfway decent blog ( and look for Joseph Mcalla. Way to not come through again lower region

  2. You've got a real cretin chasing you down here Higher Region - ignore them and keep up the good work!