Friday, November 19, 2010

Junior Delgado Undercover Jammy's LP (Road Block 1986)

Wicked Junior Delgado Jammy's produced LP that is barely known to most:

Soundclips of the whole album can be heard here. I don't think that is a legit site to purchase music from, but you can hear sound samples of each tune.

1) Can't Over Throw I (wicked tune, jammy's cut of the Paul Blackman - Earth Wind & Fire riddim. Jammy's dubplate monster tune Patrick Andy - Music Market & Anthony Johnson - We Nah Give Up also share the same riddim)

2) Love Me Tonight

3) King Size Headache (nice)

4) Are You Coming (next cut is Anthony Johnson - I Love You)

5) Liberation (Jammy's cut of "Black Cinderella")

6) Road Block

7) Righteous One

8) Highty Tighty (next cuts are Nitty Gritty - See It There & Leroy Smart - She No Love Him..and monster dubplate cuts King Everald - Long Time Girl & Don Angelo - Galang Selector)

9) Brown Lady (Jammy's cut of "Every Tongue Shall Tell")

10) Everything She Want

You can see the cover and label information here:

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  1. Where can i listen the patrick andy music market, hear about it on a reggae quarterly, but never heard it...cheers