Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pirates Will Be "Delt" With

Upon first sight this looks like an innocuous 80's digital 7", but look a little closer at the copyright message, "Pirates will be delt with." With that in mind, I was still brave enough to drop the needle. The artist is "E.Q." and his voice is similar to that of Ini Kamoze. On a synth heavy, fast-paced digital riddim, the message here is pretty straight forward, if you have no dunza, then making love is somewhat of a challenge.


  1. Your blog is a dry hump, a tease. You post scans of soft tunes and dont post any actual music-why bother? take this thing down- Nesto

  2. Lots of haters around here - sad idiots who criticize other peoples work but do nothing themselves - pathetic.

    A short sound sample would be nice but we don't need the whole tunes - people can seek them out and buy them if they like them.

  3. There are multiple copies of this tune available at lionvibes.co.uk. A soundclip can be heard there.