Saturday, April 24, 2010


"Everything Yu See Yu Want" (Tulip, '86)
Here's a random UK label release that utilizes a heavy, swinging, bass-driven Jammy's digital riddim with some wicked hand claps. Artist is Errol Burrell. Admiral Tibett - "Feel The Vibes" (Jammy's 7", '85) & Leroy Smart - "Call On Me" (56 Hope Rd. 7", '86) also utilizes this riddim. listen


  1. wow, you are so cool owning all these rare tunes and special versions, well if you like boasting better buy an expensive car or whatever. you dont seem to get too many comments anyway.

    last time i checked this blog, pure ego powering

  2. Please don't come back if it bothers you. If you want full tunes, you can visit other blogs/youtube to listen. Is it better to never hear a tune rather than hearing a clip? It is no different from hearing a mix with 1minute selections.

    I already have an expensive car

  3. Nice one Higher Region - keep up the good work.

    Tim P DanceCrasher

  4. novum what a prick

    keep up the good work, fantastic stuff here!