Saturday, April 24, 2010

Turn On The Heat Like You Never Heard

"Turn On The Heat" (Jammys 10", '87)
You are probably thinking, "yea I know this one, NEXTTTT..I have other blogs on my agenda today." Well you are partially right. The intro comes in deadly and different (no drums, just bass), also massive reverbs on the claps. However, most crucially, the bass heavy mixing inna soundsystem style. listen


  1. Killer Mix. Where'd you get the Dubplate from???

  2. why does link not work?

  3. Love this mix. Shame the released version didn't sound as good. I love colelcting the Digital PRINCE JAMMY'S DUB Dubplates. I have a Frankie Wilmott special on the 'Don't Touch The Crack' riddim from 1987 on a red Prince Jammys Dub label. Killer tune!